Conservatives Continue Their Assault on Small Government

The Florida Board of Education on Friday withheld the salaries for all school board members in Leon County, Fla. On Friday, October 15, Leon County school board member Alva Striplin took to Facebook with an image of a letter from Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran. With the photo of the letter, Striplin wrote, “Lost myContinue reading “Conservatives Continue Their Assault on Small Government”

Florida’s New Anti-Vaxx Surgeon General

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, responsible for one of the worst COVID-19 responses in the nation, has just announced his new Surgeon General, Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD, a UCLA Medical Center physician and health policy researcher who appeared in the viral “Demon Sperm” quack doctor’s video that advocated the use of hydroxychloroquine to treatContinue reading “Florida’s New Anti-Vaxx Surgeon General”

Last Weeks Child Covid Cases Nearly Top 226,000

COVID-19 infections have continued to increase “exponentially” among children across the U.S., and now account for nearly 26% of all cases reported nationwide, according to data published Monday. Over the past week, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported the second-highest total of new diagnoses among children over the course of the pandemic, with 225,978. ThatContinue reading “Last Weeks Child Covid Cases Nearly Top 226,000”

A Testing Mandate Hiding a Vaccine Mandate Infuriates GOP

Former Vice President Mike Pence on Friday slammed President Biden’s recently announced coronavirus testing mandates with exemptions for vaccinated workers in an interview on Fox News, saying Biden’s announcement was “unlike anything I have ever heard from an American president.” “This is America, where we stall useful policies and whine about freedom when someone wantsContinue reading “A Testing Mandate Hiding a Vaccine Mandate Infuriates GOP”

USPS Workers Are Not Exempt From Vaccine Mandate

U.S. Postal Service workers are subject to a rule to be developed by the Labor Department mandating coronavirus vaccinations for workers and weekly testing for non-vaccinated employees at companies with over 100 workers, a senior Biden administration official told CNN and the Washington Post. The clarification came after the Washington Post reported that White House officials said U.S. Postal ServiceContinue reading “USPS Workers Are Not Exempt From Vaccine Mandate”

Children Now Make Up More Than 25% of Covid Cases in US

About 252,000 new coronavirus cases were reported among children last week, according to data compiled by two health organizations. This marks the largest number of new pediatric COVID-19 cases in a single week since the pandemic began, and it comes as millions of kids head back to school. This surge in pediatric cases between Aug.Continue reading “Children Now Make Up More Than 25% of Covid Cases in US”

Joe Rogan Postpones Tour After Testing Positive for Covid

Podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan — who dismissed Covid-19 vaccines earlier this year — tested positive for the coronavirus and is treating his infection with ivermectin, he said Wednesday, backing an unapproved drug health officials have urged Covid-19 patients not to take. In an Instagram video Wednesday, Rogan said he tested positive for Covid-19Continue reading “Joe Rogan Postpones Tour After Testing Positive for Covid”

Another School System Closes, After 2 Teachers Die of Covid

WACO, Texas (KWKT) – A Texas school district announced Monday evening it would close all campuses until Sept. 7 after a second teacher passed away of COVID-19 complications. Natalia Chansler and David “Andy” McCormick both taught social studies at Connally Independent School District’s junior high school. “Although they were in the same content area, theyContinue reading “Another School System Closes, After 2 Teachers Die of Covid”

KISS’ Gene Simmons Condemns “Evil” Politicians, Discusses Vaccine Mandates, Explains Postponed Tour Dates

KISS‘ Gene Simmons has condemned politicians in Florida and Texas in a new interview as he again expresses his support for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Speaking to 95.5 KLOS, via Blabbermouth, Simmons has once again shown his support for making vaccines mandatory by law, saying: “Should there be a mandate, which means a law, thatContinue reading “KISS’ Gene Simmons Condemns “Evil” Politicians, Discusses Vaccine Mandates, Explains Postponed Tour Dates”

17 Year Old Hospitalized Due to Covid

 A teenager who can’t stand up without catching her breath after being hospitalised with a Covid-related blood clot is warning young people to take the virus seriously. Maisy Evans, 17, from Newport, has spent the last four days in the Grange Hospital in Cwmbran after doctors discovered a blood clot on her lung after sheContinue reading “17 Year Old Hospitalized Due to Covid”