Buddha’s Bazar


Unisex Chakra Bracelet

7 Chakra Bracelet with Meaning Card


Buddha Kat

Cat statue is not easy to crack or fade, resistant to wind, rain and UV rays. They are solid. It has a very good feeling to the touch and is not easy to destroy. These hairless cat figures are handcrafted with a very realistic and detailed appearance, small head and cold eyes, with a unique noble temperament. Meditation yoga animal allows you to enter meditation at any time at home, eliminate interference and experience peace. And it helps you to subdue your state of mind, transcend your material desires and focus your heart, mind and spirit on the original principle. It is a good display object. Perfect gift for those that love Cats, Meditation, & Yoga!


Divination Rune Stones

Rune stone sets come in; purple, black, red, earth, pink, sunflower, and lime green


Meditation pad

40X6 cm meditation sitting pad.