Meditation Facts

These days, going to the doctor when you are sick is not the only way so you will feel better. According to the National Center for Complementary Medicine, meditation is among the top 10 alternative therapy treatments. But before we get into that, it is best we learn some meditation facts. First, meditation means awareness.Continue reading “Meditation Facts”

A Powerful Year-End Meditation

At the close of the year, we often find ourselves thinking ahead to the next year.  We think about all the things we didn’t accomplish this year, and vow to accomplish them next year.  Few of us take the time to reflect on the past year and look at our successes and the experiences thatContinue reading “A Powerful Year-End Meditation”

The Art Of Seeking The Silence

 Within every obstacle there is an equivalent or greater benefit. How would it feel if you rose to each obstacle with calm determination…completely free of anxiety and depression…ready to face each challenge with a smile? How would it feel to look in the mirror and see yourself as unstoppable, invincible, and even a force ofContinue reading “The Art Of Seeking The Silence”

Japa Meditation

Japa is actually a training of the mind. It is focusing one’s wandering mind, making it act in one single beat, concentrating on one train of thought. The Japa Meditation is known to work better than any other forms of meditation. It will teach one to brush aside any distracting thoughts. A mind trained withContinue reading “Japa Meditation”

Holosync Meditation – Does It Really Work?

Chances are, if you are on a quest for self-improvement, you’ve already heard of the Holosync Meditation CD’s. What It Is: Developed by Bill Harris in the late 1980s, the Holosync Solution is  an audio program designed to bring your brain waves to the alpha (and lower)levels automatically just by listening to the cds.  AccordingContinue reading “Holosync Meditation – Does It Really Work?”

Health Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is one of the top-10 alternative therapies used by the U. S. population. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reports that 8% of Americans use meditation as a health tool. No longer just for Buddhist monks and New-Age types, meditation is now appealing to mainstream business professionals, medical doctors and even healthContinue reading “Health Benefits Of Meditation”

Buddhism Meditation and the Search for Life’s Meaning

Today’s world, with all its excitements, its adventures, and its discoveries, is moving in a very fast pace. This can be very thrilling and fun-filled for the modern man, but this can also be exhausting to the soul. That is exactly the reason why many people try to find comfort and solitude amidst the changesContinue reading “Buddhism Meditation and the Search for Life’s Meaning”

Beginners Explore the World of Yoga Meditation

Yoga refers to the unity of the body and mind and unity of the mind and soul. In Western cultures, people believed that gaps between the actual bodies and ideal bodies are increasing. This is because of two major reasons: lack of exercises and unhealthy diets leading to diabetes and obesity. The practice of AsanaContinue reading “Beginners Explore the World of Yoga Meditation”

The Purpose of Christian Meditation in Achieving the True Christmas Spirit

Meditation which originates from Vedic Hinduism is adopted by Eastern religion as one of their religious components. In fact, it became the mainstream of Western culture. Although meditation is considered as a simple language, its description varies in two ways. In western culture, meditation is the state wherein the mind is concentrated on one objectContinue reading “The Purpose of Christian Meditation in Achieving the True Christmas Spirit”

Christian Meditation is a form of Personal and Intimate Conversation with Dieu

Christian meditation does not differ much with other forms of meditation. However, it does not require one the use of mantras, prayer beads, or even specific postures. As with all others, it necessitates one to free the mind from too many thoughts. Also considered as a mental prayer, Christian meditation is perhaps the most efficientContinue reading “Christian Meditation is a form of Personal and Intimate Conversation with Dieu”