Common Meditation Myths and Misconceptions

Meditation. I’ll bet twenty bucks and you would envision sitting cross legged on the floor, with eyes closed, and a soft “Om” sound coming from your mouth. Well that is not really untrue when doing meditation, but it is not necessary either.

Most people have always associated meditation with cult practice. A meditation myth such as this will scare people to even consider knowing it better.

Meditation is a healthy spiritual practice and a good addition to your life. It allows you to connect with your inner self and take you to a deeper state of relaxation. However, if you suggest meditation session with those who have no idea what it really is, you’d get their “no thanks” faster than they would have said it when asked to jump off the bridge. And here are some of their reasons:


1st Meditation Myth: Meditation is a religion.

Definitely not. While meditation is a spiritual discipline, it does not entirely belong to a specific religion, nor is it used to recruit you to join one. It can be likened to a prayer, or a form of worship but it doesn’t tell you who to pray or worship for. It is basically present in all the traditions of the different religions.

2nd Meditation Myth: Meditation is an escape from the real world.

Not at all. Meditation meets reality head on. It does not make escape artists out of its practitioners, nor does it paint picture-perfect scenes to trick the mind from what is true and real. Meditation merely teaches us to face what is existent with a better awareness and focus.


3rd Meditation Myth: Meditation is strange and bizarre.

Not entirely true. Admittedly, there are a few meditation practices that promise to take one on another “level” of existence, or claim to make you possess some psychic abilities. Some of these meditation practices even insist that their followers have gained powers afterwards. But meditation in its simplest form is basically a much uncomplicated mind exercise. It doesn’t require one to be in a trance-like state to achieve its goal of a deep state of calmness.


4th Meditation Myth: Meditation is egocentric.

False. Even if meditation necessitates one to spend time alone, it does not mean that we are closing our doors for other people. Meditation is going to teach us to be able to see beyond the darkness in our lives. If we have achieved this, then we can be of better help to others.

Meditation is said to help people overcome negative thoughts and feelings like stress and depression. However, you have to be totally sure that you have unwavering fervor and sincere intentions for the practice in order to gain its benefits.

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