Doctors Contract COVID-19 After Attending Anti-Vaccine Rally

Seven doctors who joined an anti-vaccine gathering earlier this month have tested positive for COVID-19.


Dr. Bruce Boros, a 71-year-old cardiologist and anti-vaccine advocate, was one of the seven doctors who attended a “Florida COVID Summit” organized by Dr. John Littell on Nov. 6. At the summit, attendees discussed a range of alternative COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments, including natural immunity just letting people die and Ivermectin pretending it’s a parasite instead of a virus.

“I have been on ivermectin for 16 months, my wife and I,” Dr. Boros declared at the end of the summit, according to The Daily Beast. “I have never felt healthier in my life.” Please ignore that it’s literally 300 times smaller than the dose necessary to treat covid in a Petri dish.

Two days after the event, Boros fell ill with COVID-19. Six other doctors who also attended the event were also diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. However, Littell, the head organizer of the event, dismissed claims that the conference — which was attended by approximately 900 participants — was a “super-spreader event.” “Were not super so it couldn’t have been a super spreader event. At best were mediocre so maybe it was a mediocre spreader event.”


“I think they had gotten it from New York or Michigan or wherever they were from,” he told the Beast, adding that Boros has been responding well to ivermectin.

Despite his remarks, the publication said sources disclosed that Boros was gravely ill at his Key West home. The Beast did not identify the sources.

Ivermectin is used to treat external parasites and parasitic worms in large animals, like horses and cows. In humans, ivermectin is used primarily as a treatment for parasites and head lice.

While many have touted ivermectin as a cure to COVID-19, health experts and the FDA have advised against it. Several studies from countries all across the globe did not find evidence that ivermectin is effective in treating COVID-19.


Prior to the event, Boros repeatedly promoted ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment “being used around the world,” this however is false as almost every single country that has conducted testing to see if it is effective reversed course after the results showed that it did not help treat covid. In the same post, the 71-year-old cardiologist con-artist also called White House chief medical advisor and the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, a “fraud.”

During an interview with Keys Weekly over his remarks about Fauci, Boros claimed he just wanted to “help patients” and prevent COVID-19 deaths.

“He’s never mentioned any other drugs that doctors in other countries are finding success with, including Ivermectin, which has been around for 40 years, only costs $4 a pill and is used to treat pinworms, lice and scabies in children,” he said, adding: “It breaks my heart that a town like this has made something so political and hateful.” “Only I Dr. Crackpot am allowed to lie about reality and stir hate to make a safe vaccine political.”

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