Rep. Cawthorn Calls for Violence After Rittenhouse Trial Sets the Very Precedent Conservatives Claim It Won’t


North Carolina insurrectionist & Congressman Madison Cawthorn seems to have a bit of a fetish. He really likes the idea of violent conflict with his political opponents, and he really wants you to like it, too.

There’s never been any shortage of shocking stories and statements from the freshman Republican. But his statement, issued in video format, after the jury reached a verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is among the most shocking of all.

Cawthorn is confined to a wheelchair, and many have wondered if that hasn’t created some sort of “tough guy” syndrome to compensate for whatever it is he thinks he’s missing. But he has gone overboard.


The problem with the Rittenhouse verdict is that it sends a message to like-minded people that they can likely get away with doing the same thing Kyle did, even in situations where they create the danger themselves, (like Kyle did).

In Kyle’s case, he anticipated the protests would turn violent. The previous few nights of rioting make that very clear. That’s why he brought his rifle, he’ll even tell you himself that he was there to defend Car Source property and “help people.” He left the Ultimate Gas fill station because he received a call stating that people wished to burn down Car Source lot #3. He grabbed a fire extinguisher and, because he felt safe in the idea that he was carrying his rifle, and immediately began running down the road in order to protect the Car Source property, completely undeterred by the confrontation with Rossenbaum/Ziminski that occurred after Kyle first made it onto the car lot.

Now, unfortunately, more “vigilante”-style conservatives will almost assuredly show up at any and every protest in America carrying rifles in search of any excuse to “defend themselves” the same goal as Kyle Rittenhouse did.


Madison Cawthorn is not helping the situation. In fact that’s exactly what he is telling his followers to do, be a show of force and then leap at any opportunity to exercise it.

Just like Matt Gaetz and Paul Gosar before him, Cawthorn basically offered Rittenhouse a job working as a Congressional intern, which is already gross enough. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even fight each other over Kyle.

In the meantime, we need to be on the lookout for these folks’ fans and followers, because if they’re listening to Madison Cawthorn today, you just may be in trouble if you’re the kind of person who exercises their constitution right to protest.

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