Another Qanon Quack Kills Family Over Covid-19 Vaccine

Charging documents reveal that Jeffrey Burnham, the man accused of killing 3 people last week, planned to confront his brother because of his profession as a pharmacist and because he administered the COVID-19 vaccine.


“He knows something,” he told his mother, Evelyn Burnham. He told his mother that he believed the government was killing people with the COVID shot, according to court documents.


Burnham is accused of killing his brother Brian Robinette, and his sister-in-law, Kelly Robinette, in Ellicott City. He’s also accused of killing 83-year-old Rebecca Reynolds in Cumberland, Maryland. the 46-year-old man was arrested in West Virginia last week after a manhunt. He was extradited to Maryland on Tuesday.

He’s being held in Allegany County, Maryland on charges of murder and auto theft.


Court documents reveal that a tipster called Maryland State Police. The tipster told police that Burnham had asked him for gas. Burnham said that tipster would see him on TV. Burnham also told the tipster that he was quote, “killing people with the COVID shot,” according to court documents.


On September 29, 2021, his mother contacted police. She told them that she was concerned because Jeffrey was making statements about the FBI coming after the two of them. His mother questioned his mental health and stability.

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