Tucker Carlson Defends Neo-Nazi Talking Points

Tucker Carlson’s anti-Semitic white nationalism brought criticism from the Anti Defamation League, so of course, he responded with expletives, and described it as a “once-great organization” that is now “an apparatchik to the Democratic party.”

Megyn Kelly did her best to defend Carlson’s disgusting turn towards neo-Nazism, and then this happened.


Kelly said, “Today there’s more blow back on on whether you’ve been pushing for the ‘great replacement theory.’ And you said that this is going to happen on your show last night. Sure enough, on cue, the ADL comes out and comes after you. And I–

Carlson interrupted, “The ADL? So I’m not on– well fuck them!”

Then Tucker embraced his true neo-Nazi persona.


“The great replacement theory is in fact not a theory, it’s something the Democrats brag about constantly, up to and including the president.:”

Not only is this just factually wrong, immigrants assimilate to the host country’s culture within three to four generations. This is not just true for the United States, but for nations all over the world. The idea that immigrants aren’t becoming American is almost as stupid as the creationist who tries to argue against evolution by asking when a monkey is going to turn into a human. They lack the fundamental knowledge to even comprehend why their line of reasoning is dumb.


Carlson then went to deeper into Triple K derangement syndrome.

“Rather than convince the current population that our policies are working, so vote for us as a result, we can’t be bothered to do that. Where instead going to change the composition of the population and bring in people who will vote for us.”

Non-citizens can’t and don’t vote. Tuck the Cuck knows this. We believe he is intelligent to understand that at least. Which means that he is intentionally lying to his audience as a professional political hack. His behavior is about as racist and anti-Semitic is a television host can get.


Tucker Carlson also pretends that Americans aren’t voting for any Democratic politicians so they need to replace them, but leaves out the fact that almost 82 million people voted for Joe Biden as president, and the Democratic party still has the majority in the House, and flipped the Senate because people voted for more Democrats than Republicans in Georgia and in Arizona.

(As an aside, when a TV pundit or politician makes these kinds of horrific statements, then claims he’ll be vilified for them later, that’s not having a premonition. It’s being calculated and manipulative, and a way to give himself an out. Tucker uses this sleight of hand to distract his viewers from his ghastly views.)

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