Another Homicidal Qanon Follower

Police in West Texas this week arrested Joseph Angel Alvarez, 38, who allegedly targeted a couple – killing the wife in the process – because they voted for Biden, and had a Biden flag and “a doll of Trump hanging” outside their home.

Alvarez, arrested September 8 nearly a year after the murder, is being held at the El Paso County Detention Center. He was jailed on a $2 million bond for the murder of Georgette Kaufmann, 50, and on a $500,000 bond for the aggravated assault of the woman’s husband, Daniel Kaufmann.

The couple was targeted on November 14, 2020, shortly after the U.S. presidential election, at their home in the 3000 block of Copper Avenue in Central El Paso.


A criminal complaint states police found Georgette Kauffman’s body inside her garage. After Alvarez shot and killed the woman, he allegedly made his way through the detached garage door and entered the backyard.

The court document obtained by KDBC-TV in El Paso states Alvarez walked up a flight of stairs to an outdoor patio deck. He attempted to enter the residence, but found the wrought iron door to be locked.

At that time, Daniel Kauffman heard a noise at the back door and walked in its direction because he believed it was his wife. Alvarez then allegedly fired several rounds through the closed wrought iron door, striking the husband, the court document states.


Kauffman told KDBC he was shot at five times, but was able to crawl out of his home and reach a neighbor’s house to ask for help.

Investigators obtained a Google geofence search warrant to examine all mobile devices within a particular geofence area of the victim’s home. The search warrant data provided by Google allegedly revealed Alvarez was present in the area on two occasions. Once on Nov. 10, 2020, and the other on the day of the murder.

During the investigation, investigators uncovered emails allegedly sent by Alvarez in which he stated his extremist religious beliefs and identified “pro-choice” advocates as the “Jewish Satanist Party” and claimed abortions were “Jewish child sacrifice.”


He identified Memorial Park, near the murdered woman’s home, as a “ritualistic satanic ground to conduct abortions by the manner of magic.”

An email allegedly sent by Alvarez to the 902D Military Intelligence group included photographs near the crime scene and the driveway that led to the Kauffmann’s residence. The photographs are suspected to have been taken in the area according to his geo-location history on Nov. 10, the criminal complaint states.

Furthermore, the email Alvarez allegedly wrote claims he targeted the Kaufmann’s home near Memorial Park because they voted for Biden and had a Biden “flag and a doll of Trump hanging.”

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