Trump Adviser Detained in Brazil

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and all the rest are serious about killing democracy all over the world. The latest is in Brazil, where a Jan 6 style coup is planned for today. As we saw last night, police were overwhelmed. And today they are trying to overthrow the Supreme Court and the Congress to make Bolsonaro dictator for life.


Trump spokesweasel Jason Miller was helping Bolsonaro, but he was just detained in Brazil for doing those undemocratic activities. Don Jr was supposed to be there too, but his excuse was that Ida delayed his flight.


Miller announced last week he would be traveling to Brazil to participate in a CPAC event there. Now, there are reports he has been detained by the government for what’s being referred to as anti-democratic activity.

Miller announced the trip last week, proudly declaring that he would be joining Donald Trump Jr. for CPAC Brazil.


Financial Times reported that Miller and other “Trump acolytes” planned to fly to Brazil to support a MAGA — or MBGA — agenda, specifically for the re-election of President Jair Bolsonaro. However, Trump Jr. apparently did not make the trip, instead giving a live video address, blaming canceled flights due to hurricane activity.


He may have dodged a bullet — there are current reports suggesting that Jason Miller’s trip did not go exactly as planned, and that he was detained for questioning, with hints that he could be helping to encourage extremists to carry out an attack similar to the one Trump supporters attempted at the U.S. Capitol Building in January, after Donald Trump lost his re-election bid.

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