Has Steve Bannon Found His Next Fascist Demagogue?

Eduardo Bolsonaro, Brazilian Member of Congress and son of President Jair Bolsonaro, announced that he would represent South America in The Movement, a united consortium of European representatives who support populist nationalism and reject the influence of globalism founded by Steve Bannon.


“I’m very proud to join Steve Bannon as the leader of The Movement in Brazil, representing Latin American nations. We will work with him to reclaim sovereignty from progressive globalist elitist forces and expand common sense nationalism for all citizens of Latin America,” announced Bolsonaro. 


Bolsonaro is the most voted congressman in the history of Brazil, having received more than 1.8 million votes in Brazil’s 2018 national elections.

“We will restore dignity, freedom and economic opportunity to our great nation and her neighbors. We will walk through our program of uniting the forces of nationalism. Mr. Bannon’s work in Europe is vital and we support his effort against the dangerous Global Pact on Migration. We’ll be able to do more as we join our forces to promote prosperity and our shared western culture,” Bolsonaro added.


Led by former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and his European counterpart, Belgian attorney Mischaël Modrikamen, The Movement supports parties and candidates across Europe that advocate for nationalist populism in their states and oppose encroachment on sovereignty by international forces, ahead of the European parliamentary elections in May.

“The Movement is honored to welcome Eduardo Bolsanaro as a distinguished partner, and Brazil, a key ally in South America,” Bannon said. “We stand together in our pursuit of a populist nationalist agenda for prosperity and sovereignty for citizens throughout the world.”


“With the addition of Eduardo, The Movement is expanding beyond Europe to our friends in South America,” Modrikamen said. “Eventually, we hope to reach citizens in all nations who feel abandoned by the globalist world order and want their governments to re-assert sovereignty.” 

The Movement officially launches at its first annual summit in Brussels this March.

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