Fascist Fervor Ferments in Brazil

Twitter user @jennycohn1 will be in Brasilia covering the planned violent occupation of the Brazilian Supreme Court for TeleSur. Will it really happen or is it just Bannon/Bolsonaro psyops? Is the whole point just the threat itself?

The US Embassy in Brazil has issued a security alert for US citizens, advising them to stay away from both the anti-Bolsonaro protests, planned in 131 cities, and the Pro-Bolsonaro/Anti Supreme Court protests, planned primarily for Brasilia and Sao Paulo.


Several people, including Sergio Reis, the 81 year old cattle rancher/pop singer who has an estimated fortune of R$274 million, have already been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation over a planned violent attack on the Supreme Court this September 7.

Another person arrested was alt-right social media influencer Bruno Semczeszm, who was recently photographed with neofascist German Parliamentarian/Hitler’s Finance Minister granddaughter Beatrix Von Storch during her visit to Brazil to meet with the Bolsonaro family.


Although the intensity level has increased, President Bolsonaro’s neofascist core group of supporters has been pleading for him to shut down the Supreme Court since the day he took office.

In June, 2020, Sarah Winter, former leader of Brazilian FEMEN, who has alleged ties to AZOV, was arrested for mobilizing international resources to lead a small group of Tiki torch wielding protesters to the door of the Supreme Court calling for its violent overthrow.


On August 10th, Steve Bannon introduced his long time friend, President Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo, to MyPillow owner and alleged January 6 Capitol invasion financier Mike Lindell on stage at his Cyber Security Symposium in Sioux City Iowa. Did they plan something for Sept. 7?

As Steve Bannon’s recent statements about Lula being the most dangerous leftist on the planet show, international far right elites have their eyes on Brazil and are almost certainly working with Brazilian fascists/neonazis to pilot tactics for things like the 2024 US elections.


One issue is that Bolsonaro is currently less popular than ever. He doesn’t have the same size of core fanatical followers as Trump or a QAnon-style psyop behind him. Many analysts like sociologist Marcelo Zero argue that the real goal is not to succeed, but to destabilize.

Wealthy right wing businessmen and politicians are busing Bolsonaro fanatics to the protests in Brasilia and Sao Paulo. Popular Writer/Activist Daniela Abade obtained a list showing names and departure locations for 243 buses coming into Sao Paulo.


Rumors, off the record, indicate that cattle ranchers from Para are sending gunmen to Brasilia, and a mayor from a town in Southern Brazil was busted on route to Brasilia last week with RS$500.000 illicit cash to bus in protesters for Sept. 7.

US Network for Democracy in Brazil warns: “Given the actions of President Bolsonaro, it’s possible that this year [Sept 7] will be marked by significant levels of violence that could lead the country into unforeseen political destabilization.”


Here, Marcelo Zero writes that even if the Sept. 7 Independence Day protests flop, the damage is already done. The far right, so concerned with delivering Brazil’s resources and sovereignty to the US, just kidnapped the concept of patriotism.

Meanwhile João Paulo Stedile from the MST predicts a flop. “The moment 1 million anti-Bolsonaro protesters came out on April 7, he lost controll of the streets,” he said, “this is why the violent rhetoric has increased”.


Reports that a conservative blogger said on Tik Tok today that a businessman has put a price on Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes head. On Twitter, an ex-military police officer threatened to kill Moraes and his family.

ITS (Instituto de Techologia e Sociedade to Rio) has identified 2621 Twitter Bots calling people to the Anti-Supreme Court protests/insurrection, in 81,000 tweets this week. An earlier study shows over half of Bolsonaro’s Twitter followers are bots.


Due to Hurricane Ida, Donald Trump Jr. canceled his trip to Brazil for yesterday’s rally for the Sept 7 insurrection, called the “Conservative Political Action Conference”. Instead, he gave a speech remotely, saying “China has big plans for next year’s elections in Brazil.”

Here’s Trump administration veteran Jason Miller visiting Jair Bolsonaro and his son Eduardo in the presidential palace yesterday, 2 days before the planned insurrection. Notice the Brazilian President, who is a millionaire, honing his barefoot, “simple man of the people”

After uncovering 243 charter buses bringing Bolsonaro supporters to the protests on Sept 7, Brazilian writer/activist @_danielaabadehas begun outing Nazi’s. Daniel Fernandes, who claims that Hitler is his master, is arriving in Brasilia today.


The Brazilian Federal Police just arrested Márcio Giovani Nique, for telling a Youtube audience of 400,000 that an important businessman was offering a cash reward for Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes’ head.

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