Ex ‘N*zi Queen’ Leaves Discussion Amid the Crumbling of Her Premises

Steven Kenneth ‘Destiny’ Bonnell II recently took on Lauren Southern in a heated debate over the Jan 6th insurrection.


Lauren Cherie Southern is a Canadian alt-right political activist, white nationalist, and YouTuber, currently on rebranding tour to erase the “Queen of the Nazis” label.

Southern is known for her promotion of the Great Replacement conspiracy theory via a YouTube video of the same name she released in July 2017. The video is reported to have helped to promote the white nationalist viewpoint with over 600,000 views by March 2019 and is contributed as a reason for the Christchurch mosque mass shootings. She has also been described as an advocate of the white genocide conspiracy theory for her documentary Farmlands, which suggested the imminence of a race war in South Africa.


In 2017, Southern supported the militant white nationalist group Defend Europe, in their efforts to obstruct search-and-rescue operations of refugees from North Africa; Southern and the white nationalists wanted to prevent refugees from crossing the Mediterranean Sea and entering Europe.

Southern was briefly detained by the Italian Coast Guard for blocking a ship embarking on a search-and-rescue mission. Because she joined Defend Europe in an attempt to obstruct rescue operations, Patreon accused Southern of engaging in activity “likely to cause” the deaths of refugees. Subsequently, Southern was removed from Patreon, demonetized by YouTube, and banned from payment processers such as PayPal.


 On 19 June 2020, Southern announced in a YouTube video her return and new plans, expressing some remorse for her previous hardline stances. Daniel Lombroso, in his article for The Atlantic, was skeptical of her change, stating: “She kept telling me she had grown more ‘compassionate,’ but whenever I asked her pointedly if she regretted her past work, I got obfuscation and tactical apologies.”


Lauren is adamant that all charges are fake and purely political from the start, ignoring the fact that the insurrectionists were forcefully attempting to halt a constitutionally mandated process in order to change the results of a democratic election.

Deflections came hot and fast as she tried to drag the conversation into ‘whataboutisms’ about Kavanaugh protests and BLM protests. Also claiming that because only 5-10% of participants had an organized plan to over throw the United States government that it is impossible to call the attempted coup an attempted coup.


It’s not at all surprising that a Canadian would think property damage is equal to the damage Trump and his followers inflicted on our institutions. The strength of the institutions in America is the greatest part of our nation. It’s the last line of defense short of full out bloodshed, and they’re one of the main reasons America didn’t fall to Fascism.


For much of the conversation Bonnell softly pushes back against Southern, letting her derail the conversation every time he highlights a weakness in her argument. This feels like he is letting her monologue talking points at first, but the more she pivots away from his arguments the more it becomes apparent she hasn’t read past the first paragraph of articles if she’s made it past the headline at all.


The debate closes out with Southern having her own evidence and source read out to her showing that her own evidence undermines her own argument and looking like a deer in headlights as she learns in live time that editorial pieces are specifically opinion articles and labeled as such by main stream media outlets.

If you manage to get to the end of the debate, trudging through the feeling of misinformation monologuing, it becomes incredibly satisfying watching Southern learn how poor her arguments are in live time.

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