The Little Orphan Horror House

In a future that offers mind transfer between humans, the government has decided to transfer adult criminal minds into orphaned children in order to be “re-educated” on civil ways to conduct themselves. This decision goes horribly wrong, as children begin to commit heinous crimes.


Abandoned for adoption, Deeks and Meredith are whisked away by government agents and given an opportunity for redemption. It was the serial murders that escaped a juvenile detention center that led to the second confederate revolution. This one resulting in far more confederates being slaughtered leaving a population shortage in the treasonous deep south.


Deeks and Meredith are then placed in a new school with at least 5 other students of varying ages, and are promised a chance to avoid any serious reprisal for their crimes, except for perhaps death. However, a 42 year old mind inhabiting the body of a 5 year old leads to a psychotic break.


With their own government watching their every move, the duo must figure out a way to get out of this mess, and who knows, maybe a little respite would be nice.


They planned their escape for night. They had to get out of there before they became like all the other mind-meld prisoners. “How could any government punish a bread thief by making them a 5 year old again,” they though to themselves. It’s no wonder every who goes through the process becomes an insane serial killer.


After successfully breaking into the facility and stealing the tour bus, the pair took a moment to think about how they would get to the bus. “Well they might have spotted us by now, but there must be a school bus that takes kids to the hospital, maybe we could steal it and hide out in it for a while,” Deeks offered. Meredith, being the hard as nails bad ass fighter she is, suggested that they find another bus, but of course Deeks would never let that happen. They should start looking for another bus soon though, as the teachers were closing in. 

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