The Dangers of Jenny and the Headman

Jenny is a highly-regarded anthropologist with a penchant for tomb exploration. One day, she is offered a high-paying job to track down a relic previously thought to be only legend in a temple she’s never even heard of located deep within a Peruvian jungle.


 She is assured the job will be a piece of cake, but once she arrives there and sees the “creatures” that guard the temple, she realizes she should have asked for a much higher fee.


The day begins with Jenny trudging through the jungle for her first glimpse of her surroundings and suddenly catch a glimpse of the temple. Once she passes through the door of the temple, things quickly go from bad to worse.


A wave of weird and bizarre creatures begin chasing after her, trapping her in the depths of the temple. As Jenny tries to find a way to escape, she begins to realize that the creatures are all in a state of perpetual decay.


With no weapons or even a torch to her name, Jenny must brave the darkness and all the dangers inside the temple in order to get out alive.


Now her only hope is to find the headman. He might have the key to finding the legendary relic. But she always hates the tasks he requires of her for assistance. Is the reward worth the risk?


You’ve seen a lot of things – dead bodies, abandoned Nazi military bases, abandoned camps for ancient aliens, body mines, zombie demons, and more – but how does one endure a night with the headman?


In the end, Jenny manages to escape from the temple and returns home. When she finally rests, she tells the others about her terrifying experiences in the jungle, leaving them to wonder just how much the toxic gas she inhaled before entering the jungle.

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