Helpless Abyss

Colonists are being attacked in a newly established outpost on a far-away planet. You, James Gandar, command a military team sent to protect the colonists and to eradicate this threat, but, despite all of your efforts, you are unable to find the enemy.


 After stumbling upon an abandoned alien bunker far away from the settlement, you discover that the alien attackers are capable of being invisible and that they cannot be detected by any known means. You find many invisibility devices within the bunker, so you decide to even the odds and equip your own men with them.


However, when your men suddenly turn against you and you realize that the invisibility devices are actually controlling their minds, you and the surviving colonists must find a way off of the planet before it is too late. You have eight hours in which to accomplish this mission. If you fail, the colonists will be lost forever, and so will your own humanity.


Despite the somewhat dark nature of the premise, there is also an overarching apocalyptic theme at work here as the nature of your planet’s ecosystem is dangerously close to becoming self-destructive. You’ll find it interesting to note that, while there are a few foot prints, they’re only human foot prints. If there are any space aliens on the planet, I don’t believe that they were heard or seen. It may even be that they were never really aliens at all.


Perhaps they were a race that was desperate for survival and simply went about this scenario in a more savage fashion. Or perhaps they were the colonists that were abandoned and left behind. Who knows?


The action centers on you and your team as you slowly travel across the terrain of the planet. Your men are somewhat clumsy in their approach, but you must try to position your team so that they are able to kill the aliens. This is never an easy task.


They are never very far away and always manage to dodge your attempts to eliminate them. By abandoning them they’ve abandoned their humanity. One by one the invisible creatures rip your men apart.


In a cave half way between the colony and the space craft you stand and watch, drenched in the blood of the men you lost, as flesh is torn from body. The realization begins to sink in that you may not make it home.


That you are only a moment away from joining your fellow colonists, and your own family, in the endless, inescapable abyss of death. This Journey ends with you standing in the same position as before, unable to do anything but watch as more of your men are butchered by the alien attackers.

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