The Key to Everything Is Prayer

If you want something, the Key to everything is Prayer. Mark 11:24 Have you ever wonder why the gospel of Christ is the only solution to a broken, misled, mixed world? Or, have you ever wondered why the gospel of Christ does not have a permanent effect on the evil side of the world? I have on a number of occasions during the last month or two thought have toyed with both of these questions. I think that most of us would agree that the gospel of Christ has much to answer for. As most of us know, even a thousand years is but a day in the Lord. Let us not rush through that short time and miss what God wants us to learn this month. So in today’s post I want to share just a few thoughts regarding the key to having the kind of personal relationship which Paul says is the basis of our authority in Christ (See Philippians 4:6). Here is a question: Is our authority over sin based on the grace of God through the blood of Jesus Christ? This is the question which Paul begins this wonderful chapter with. “I am ready to condemn the world to hell, not because of the violence of the body, or because of itsady quickest remedy, but for the Robertseemable wages of sin, which is death, through the lusts of the flesh and the lusts of the spirit. Christian We do not have to do it, but the alternative is death to God and our reward is eternal life in Christ. If you were to do it, you would be following the example of Enoch just as Enoch had his sons and grandsons. Enoch did not eat the fruit of life, neither did his wife, neither did his rod devour flesh, nor did his staff cause flesh to rise on his enemies. Yet he did not devour men withal because God commanded it not be done. So my friends, do not be worried about the diet of this world, as the one diet that God has will be your reward, for it is a demonic diet and does not speak of eating from the tree of life, nor does it speak of eating from the tree of life, which is in the word, John 3:16. Our authority is based on not eating of this world ( demons that are in it and have their place ) but on eating the very resurrected life. In this way, we are living in the new creation, born anew. We are not of this world, not of this place and we can take glory over it because we are children of God. What is wisdom? It is the ability to see the truth, dividing the truth from error, & discerning between spirit and flesh (see 11:29-30). The ability to live for God and maintain a good relationship with him and his called is the wisdom, the ability to live without worry or cares, fulfillment of the divine destiny and favor of God. If we think in worldly wisdom, we will be lacking in the ability to live for God, us and others. If we think worldly wisdom, we will not be mature in Christ, to the ability to see the rise and expansion of the kingdom of God into the world. John 3: 16 “For everyone who does not drink [blood] is not thirsty, but the very one who drinks gives way torought sin.” (KJV) IVERGENT BLISS curled up in a pink pillow in front of the window, snuggled on the bed. Teensy tiny hands groped under the covers. “Mmmm…” he complained. causes me to envy Courage. After all, I don’t have a lump on my neck. There is so much to be glad about. I was called to be happy and to bring gladness. I was called to be an overcomer and to give fullness of Joy to all who Christ has saved. I have been saved for over 31 years now. I went to a church, but was unable to stay for very long as it was a lonely lifestyle. I have however, held a few small part-time jobs, which gave me opportunities to experience what it was like to work, to care for others, and to enjoy the process of life. I truly believe that we should always cherish and make the best use of the opportunities we are given in life. There is truly no tomorrow except Christ! Most of us here are totally ignorant to what the Apostle Paul is speaking about. Or, we don’t pay attention to the things that he is writing to the church at Corinth. Paul is writing to the church to correct some of the foolish teachings that are coming out of Corinth. He tells the Corinthians in 2 Corinthians 3:4 to “Boast not against heaviness”. He says that our disproofing of the enemy should cause us to ” laugh in His presence”.

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