Jesus Christ, Man and God? Who Really Was He? What Does the Word of God Teach? Part 1

Having been asked in The Lord’s Prayer, “Give me guidance, so that I may be wise,” Jesus answers, ” guideline me, O thou Creator, and I will keep thy word and the commandments of the living God.”

guideline suggests something to be governed or set apart. Jesus is our guideline, our system of thinking. We can turn to Him and learn Who He is, what He is and what He says about everything that is really important to us. It must be wise to follow someone who has really come to know Who He is, and who really knows what He is saying.

In verse 12, we read that He will give peace to all men. Why? Perhaps the baffling answer is that many men want peace. They do not realize that peace is the absence of strife, and the opposite of strife – declares the apostle Paul – “For in Are minded that the Lord Our God shall cast out all the nations, and that they shall enter into our homes.” (Verse 13)

But our “home” is to be the Kingdom of God, and the rule is peace. Hence, this proverb – “God makes crooked paths straight, but the wicked thou mocks so.”

Do not be deceived, this is not a theory to be laughed at. Neither is it a tall tale to be ignored or trodden on. It is a message which is to be pondered and then applied to our lives in the light of The Word of God, the written Word of God, and the direct Word of our Heavenly Father, God the Father.

To the Jews God is a Jew, to the Gentiles, a Gentile King. When these words are uttered, the Temple was destroyed, and it had been since around 80 AD. It had been glorified but now became a symbol of what had been wasted.

Those believing in His Divine Power and Love, and who believed that He was the Messiah, had to wait almost 70 years to fulfill the promises of His Coming. His Coming would change the state of this world and these people were to experience the miracles and peace and forgiveness which He promised.

They would also learn that their forgiveness and healing powers had been restored to them. It had been as if the Temple and its sacred uses had been an illusion, and now it was re-realized that God was in fact and able to forgive sin.

How does all this happen? How does the coming of the Messiah change the state of this world? Mordecai issued instructions to the Jews, that if they acted according to God’s Will, then there would not be an upset. If they didn’t, their very day of deliverance would be delayed. This is called conditional obedience.

God’s intentions are always perfect and reasonable and wise. His perfect purposes are made possible through the weakness of men, and the strength of God. Our faith in God enables us to smile in the face of the most certain bad and difficult situations, and to courageously withstand the ungodly will of others.

The Temple was a thriving place of worship. It was a haven of spiritual pleasure, where people were happy and God was moving and moving. On the day of Pentecost, all this was destroyed by ungodly zealotry, arose from beneath the Temple, and above the Temple.

There was noise everywhere – ungodly scents, noises, shouting, weeping, and so forth. People were battering and smashing and finally murdered. The Temple was completely desecrated. God unraveled His Word to His people. It had made no sense. Angry voices were shouting in panic.

Now the Temple courts were a pickling jar. The whole of Israel was pickled in the courts of the Temple. God had promised to pour out blessing into the courts, but now all that blessing lay godly in the courts, exposed, exposed for all to see.

Jesus explains, “I tell you the truth, the kind of produce the ‘tender figs’ bear is the kind of produce you will see when the true Church comes to herchĂ©.”

His disciples say to Him, “Rabbi, Teacher, how can you do this?” You are going to be rejected by the very people you claimed to represent. Praise God, however, as He watches over His faithful servants.

He continues. “Watch out, be on your guard, because you know neither the day nor the hour.

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