Prosecutors Request Qanon Quack Return to Jail for Violating Pre-Trial Release Agreement


If you have been involved in some kind of crime that was somehow loosely connected to the internet, such as perhaps organizing itself over the net and discussing the who, what, where, how, to conspire to overthrow the government, you do not want to violate that order to not get on the net. (Which is pretty closest to the “Easiest to get caught” means of violating the terms of the agreement.)

If you do violate that order, you best have records proving that you were Googling stuff to help with your daughter’s math homework. The FBI will have the records anyway, so best that they have those records. If you are a Capitol Hill rioter who likely heard a lot of the news regarding the protest on the net, you do not want to follow America’s most crazed election truther, Mike Lindell.


And yet, meet Douglas Jensen:

Prosecutors want Jan. 6 defendant Douglas Jensen to go back to jail for violating his pretrial release conditions — they say he not only was using the internet (not allowed) but was using it stream Mike Lindell election fraud conspiracy content


Now, Jensen has a bigger problem. In his bond hearing, he told the judge that he didn’t have any more interest in the conspiracy theories because he felt betrayed by the Qanon theories that were obviously wrong. And yet he spent two days watching Lindell’s cyber symposium, presumably on the net. Thus, by following Lindell, he also proved that he essentially lied in his bond hearing.

This one wasn’t close. Not only was Jensen barred from the net at home, but he was also barred in public, he was barred from the net on his phone, he was barred from learning family members’ passwords, he was barred barred barred. As the documents say, this wasn’t ambiguous.

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