It’s Time to Prepare – Any Day Now Your Destiny Will Take You Places

If you are immobile and things are not moving in your life it is because you are not at your place of destiny. There could be some movement which can be likened to that of one who is on a rocking chair, moving but not going anywhere. When you get into the ordained place you migrate from mere movement to progress.You have been going around the same mountain for too long. Destiny is progressive and it takes you through mountains and valleys but never plateaus, Examples abound of people who went through many valleys, toils and snares but they went through. If you are going through something don’t stop. Where you will end up will become clearer if you keep walking. Are you working on your dream? Don’t stop, it will come to fruition. It is my assignment to share with you examples of people in the Bible whose destinies took them places so that you may be encouraged.

  1. Joseph’ destiny took him into the uncomfortable position of being hated by his brothers in order for him to end in Egypt. He left a legacy in Egypt and eventually he moved into Canaan where his descendants lived. He left nooses in the sight of his brothers but he did accomplish something, he proved to them that he had the Abilities that the said you have, the gifts of the Spirit of God.2. Moses’ destiny placed him in Pharaoh’s court miraculously before taking him to the backside of the mountain unto God. As a result of the things that he was able to accomplish while in Pharaoh’s court and at the backside of the mountain his destiny took him in too slavery in the house of Pharaoh along with his house which he dwelt in. In other words he demonstrated his anointing power unto the Egyptians who were of the house of Pharaoh.3. Jesus’ destiny placed him in the Insurrection five times during his earthly ministry and he was also in the during the Trials of Incredible Miracles before ascending to Heaven. He was always one step ahead of everyone else. He had the anointing power during the Resurrection and the next day during the Ascension and he was resurrected five times. He was with the Father from the Garden of Eden till the time of his ascension. He is the experimental succeed who comes, stimulates the weaknesses, leads the people into experiencing the valleys not knowing that he is coming but continues on with the work because he wants them to enjoy the valleys.4. Moses’ destiny brought him out of bondage immediately into a new life in Egypt which he called “Horeb” after his father. This means that his father Raol is his father.5. Solomon’s destiny brought him out of worthless in the land of wealth into a life of a man of status with God and his people. He was the richest man who ever lived on the earth.6. Elisha’s destiny brought him out of captivity and into a life of wealth and tranquility as he served God. He left a legacy in the land of tamale with lots of gold omits in his purse but he also left an legacy of prosperity in the nation of Israel.7. Yours may be the type of destiny that took you into a workplace, you may have been born into abject poverty or into an extraordinary life with a distinguished family. Yours could be the type of destiny that took you into a field of education or into a career of honors or leadership.Whatever the pathway you found for yourself, your destiny will be embedded in your heart. It is your responsibility to take it and live it to the fullest. There is no room for laziness in your treadmill of life. You have a piece of paper before you that permits you to track your life, your progress and your aspirations. This piece of paper is you ration map which will help you lead you to a place where there are opulence and satisfaction but wait, there is more, much more.

There is a final destination for the soul, a final resting place, hopefully in the existence.

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