What is the Real Meaning of One’s Life?

Why are you here?

For what purpose are you here?

Once you begin answering these questions, you will soon see your life changing direction.

You will no longer be caught up trying to fit your life into a pattern that is out of sync with your true purpose. As you open up to your true reason, you will also begin to sense a knowing that all is well in your life. The question of “who do I serve” will take on a whole new meaning for you.

Answering these questions is like asking yourself “who am I?” A question to ask yourself may be “who do I despise?” or “who am I?”

As you answer these questions, you may be overwhelmed with the answer or be in a state of uncertainty. It is imperative to state that your answers should be the answer that you consciously desire. Otherwise, you may end up with an answer that ends up fulfilling a desire that is diametrically opposite to your conscious answer.

This is what separates conscious from unconscious action. Conscious action can only take place when you are either:

· tactile Ask yourself a question.

· non-thoughtful Having a thought.

Sit with this for a while and let the answer come to you. It may come as a memory, an image or a feeling. It is important to allow the process to be completed as you are open to new subject matter. While you are asking yourself the question, you can also be open to allowing the same answer to come to you through other means. It is essential to discern the answer and be ready to either recognize the answer or to answer appropriately in the moment.

Remember, you may have to ask yourself several times before you receive the answer.

All of us are that which is beyond our physicality. There is nothing to be found in this world, conscious or otherwise that can be used to truly define us. Once you establish your conscious identity, you begin to identify with it and it becomes a part of you. However, you should always remember to allow the in unconsciously defeated aspects of you to also be in. They may seem to be stronger or more obvious than before.

This is why you may feel that your life is lacking something. Not everything can be found in the world around you. If you seek something, you will always be disappointed the first time you fail to find it. However, with time you will find what you are looking for. The most appropriate way to deal with this disappointment may differ from someone else’s. Ask yourself why you thought the thing you sought could not be found when you failed to find it before. Listen to the answer and if possible, get a second opinion.

The answers to life’s most important questions require time to be formed within. As this realization takes place within your subconscious mind and intellect, you will begin to disregard those thoughts that appear to interfere with your attempts to form your own answers. You will strongly desire answers that support your conscious perception of reality. As you gain more confidence in your discoveries, you will disregard those thoughts that appear to contradict your findings. You will accept only those thoughts that add clarity to your understanding of reality.

Reality is the total embodiment of all possibilities, yet it must be accepted as an accepted fact or else it ceases to exist. However, if an energy is present that you have not observed, weighed in the mind of God or your soul, it exists as real. It is no more or less valid than anything else you may prefer not to accept. There are no contradictions, no inexpiable loses.

All that is required of you is that you recognize the mystical truths that are yours with the assistance of your guardian angels who are always present for you in an infinite variety of ways, associates who have gone before you, people who love you and those who are involved with your at this time.

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