Lucy and Christiana – The Troll Hunters of Redbellyford

by C. A. Stibbs

Lucy Lubeck is just an ordinary sixteen-year-old girl living in Redbellyford, until she sees a horrifying troll, called Gregorsnail Calfwax, climb in through her bedroom window.

Gregorsnail, who is built like a potato filled with rocks and smells like grated bogies smothered with sauce made from earwax, sings a song about making little girls into curries.

Lucy tricks the troll into falling out of her window by telling him that there are child-brain pasties outside. She realises that the troll has to be stopped before he eats any more children and sets to work trying to invent a trap.

Meanwhile, in a cave just outside Redbellyford, Christiana Breakableclaws starts to suspect that eating children is wrong, and grows tired of hunting with her fellow trolls. She decides to live as a vegetarian.

After a brief misunderstanding involving an elbow and lashings of ketchup, Lucy and Christiana team up to stop the trolls, using a catapult that fires carrots. They lure the trolls by creating a big mound of bones.

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