We Paid a Crack Fiend $6 and a Half Eaten Sandwich to Write About Dogs

Man’s best friend”? That would be his Dog, or should I say “hedge” his biting with his favorite chew to become man’s best friend. Without a doubt “Man’s best friend” will be trained to become “Man’s best friend” through a process called “positive reinforcement”.

I have been impressed more than once how quickly even the best dogs can be trained to bite the mail man, or police officer, or whatever… When you start training your dog as a puppy, he does not know the difference between this world and the next, he will do what he wants to do. You may have heard the expression “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? That can be correct as your dog is never too old to learn. With patience and consistency, you can train your dog to be a humane pet.

1. You should start training immediately when you receive your puppy. On the other hand, you should not wait until your dog is too old to train. If you have waited too long and you are aware that he is too old, then you should get started right away.

2. You need to concentrate on your “alpha dog” role with your puppy. Encourage him to be friendly towards others in the family. When you play with your puppy and he nips you or bites you, verbally yell “NO” and ignore your puppy for a few minutes. This type of training reinforces “NO” in your voice, so your dog understands that biting is not okay.

3. For young puppies, it is important to minimize the distractions; leave them in a room or a enclosure that is easily accessible so that they can concentrate on watching TV or just being with you. It is also important that these young puppies are always with you so that you can stop any bad behavior right away.

4. This is perhaps the most important way to stop any biting problems. When your puppy bites you, Benefits of following this technique:

–It is clear that you need to stop biting your pup as early as possible.

–Your biting dog will need to learn that biting is not acceptable behavior.

–Puppies learn quickly, and you are going to teach them the consequences for biting.

–And finally, your puppies will get great satisfaction from biting when you give them lots of attention.

When a puppy bites you, Benefits of being bitten:

–Some dogs may even encourage biting.

–Your dog may get instant feedback from you that biting is not okay.

When you mimic this behavior with your puppy, Benefits of being the Bitten Mom:

–Your puppy will mimic your behavior and learn that biting is not good.

–Puppies will learn that they cannot fool you. That is the message that they are going to learn.

–This gives your puppy a negative experience and pools the process of learning.

–When your puppy bites you, you are giving him feedback that he should not be doing.

In roughly two weeks, your puppy will be completely housebroken. You will then be able to enjoy your time with your pup much more.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in perspective before you start training your puppy.

First, always keep in mind that your puppy is not going to be fully housebroken for at least a few weeks. He could still have accidents in the house.

Second, your puppy is going to require lots of attention. If you have a full work schedule and your pooch is alone for long periods of time, this is going to be rough. He is going to feel lonely and frustrated. You will need to find some way to address this. A dog walker may be an option. Check your local newspaper for job listings. You may be able to find a dog walker in your area.

In addition, you will need to have you dog examined by your veterinarian at least once per year. That is very important. Many illnesses can be identified by a close inspection of your dog’s skin. If you find a change in color, tone or texture, you should have your pooch examined. Illnesses can be treated or prevented by just knowing your dog well.

Third, never discipline your dog or give a dog a treat that is not in his or her best interest. This may be tempting to do, but if you do, you are working for either a treat or a reprimand. It is never a good idea to reward your dog for an unpleasant behavior. That can be viewed as counter-productive, at best.

Finally, if all else fails, do your homework. This is a living creature. You can’t assess its personality without knowing about its needs and requirements.

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