Visit the Only Country in the World to Officially Measure National Happiness

Many people have never heard of Bhutan, the country that values Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product! Bhutan is a landlocked little country roughly the size of Switzerland. It is bounded on the north and northwest by Tibet, with India and Nepal respectively on its southeast and northeast. Virtually the entire country is mountainous, peaking at 24,777ft. North to south it features three geographic regions; the high Himalaya of the north, the hills and valleys of the center, and the foothills of the Tibetan Mountain range on the west.

Geographically, Bhutan is extremely diverse. The Himalayan Mountain range flows from far south to far north. Dense forests occupy the western peripheries of the country. Cultivated areas are found in the eastern hills and foothills.  Although the Himalayan ranges get shorter in some parts, they do get taller in others. In general, the western and eastern ranges spill over in a washroom over the Arun Shan and other major rivers that cross them.

The geography of Bhutan is made up of a series of small countries surrounding Hong Kong in the south, the satellite cities of Che tog and Lijiang in the north, and the golden parched grounds of the Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) in the east. Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan borders meet in the east, and the Great Indian (India) in the west.

 coastline is about 3,500km long. The main seaside areas of Bhutan are in the western two thirds of the country. Events and functions bring the mountains and valleys close together. Bhutan is a land of temples and monasteries. Temple architecture and design are wonderfully suited in the steep whereas mountainous areas. Monasteries and temples are of a striking design, and Gouza culture vanishes into the distance, creating the serene scene of the horizon.

Monastic buildings are found all over Bhutan, representing an accurate amalgamation of Buddhist and Lian-Bhutanan styles. With single and double check palaces, with stupas and temples, with green architecture and with gold coloring giving way to a distinct desert effect, the distinctively Bhutan unique designating the building with the distinct shape and color.

Parsa temples reveal the grandeur ambience of Bhutan’s religious culture. Not just confined to temples, the sacred people of the area are worshipped, and treated as gods. In general, the people are treated as angels. Angels are assigned duties of supernatural duties and relationships and are always prayed for by the people. The worship of the angels and the duties they hold is reflected in the design of the buildings.

Gouza is known as the touristic center of Bhutan. A range of hotels, resorts, and accommodations can be found, offering superior services and facilities compared to other hotels in Bhutan. One can easily reserve accommodation in advance through the numerous travel agencies available; others can book rooms through Bhutan tour operators. The presence of five wonders of the country adds to the charm and beauty of the place. The Thimphu, Thai, Rotteras, and Nyingma temples are the symbol of Bhutan, while the Viraranda, Bruno, and Song rings represent the five elements. The religious beliefs of the Bhutan aboriginal tribes are mixed, and still lodges the spirit of the country. The essential role of the spirits is recreation and interaction with the deities, which is mainly affected in their dwellings.

The tradition of forming a line of twelve in a circle while painting an animal face on the wall of a cave house at Tagaung La (the cell to the north of the Banyan tree near hawala waterfall) still continues, with the ay and San men leading the men in singing.

Bhutan tour operators are delighted to offer the best Among the touristic spots in Bhutan, the Bhutan trip is considered the most popular, that is the trip that includes Paro, Lhasa andignment. The Paro-Lhasa tour includes par Thimphu, the tiger cave and the white cave resort at bats nest. Lhasa tour is a fairly easy Bhutan trip that mainly covers the prime attractions in Lhasa.

Paro, as the name suggests is the name of the town Paro Taktsang or origin of the name Paro (Historical name in Bhutanese). Taktsang is the older town southwest of Lhasa, at an elevation of 6, Activities in Bhutan travel guides

Bhutan is a small country, whale watching and a wildlife preservation act are two internationally known activities that mainly appeal to the nature lovers. Bhutan is called the Land of Thunder Dragon, meaning the Similarly named Dragon Mountain, name of the Himalayan Mountain range that runs along the countryside.

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