Follow Your Heart, Follow Your Soul

Dear Loved Ones,

Welcome to Spirituality Inside and Out and the Daily Universal Insights.

We welcome the whole world into this community of Love, Gratitude and Oneness.

I love you. I love you. I love you. FOR WE ARE ALL ONE.

Follow your Heart, Follow your Soul

Follow your heart here and there and everywhere.

Follow your heart with the moon and the stars.

Follow your heart to your favorite music and dance your sweetheart away.

Follow your Soul inside and out.

Follow your Soul as it illuminates with radiant light.

Follow your Soul as you grow into the oneness ever-present within your Heart.

Follow your dream as your Heart the seat of your Soul opens up to all possibilities. All possibilities can be dreams awakened in your Soul as you open up your heart to your perfect mate. Your perfect mate being that part of you that is ecstatic with excitement as it is your heart’s desire.

Your heart’s desire ever-present as you are quiet-Shhh! And you relax as you listen very carefully and fully present to the song within your Heart. Moment by moment as the clock within your Heart sings tick tock, tick tock you align yourself with the almighty beauty and creativity within. Ahh! you say what a relief. How wonderful it is to be free of my facade of judgement.

I choose to let go of all judgment and equate kindness with loving. I am kind only to whom I choose to be kind. Kind only to that which is kind, to that which is me. I am consistent in my own thoughts and deeds. I am kind to that which is always kind. Loving, Joy, Expanded Thinking, Rising Rising together we fall into our Heart Source.

As we align ourselves to our Heart, we are aligned with our Soul. As we drink of this water of unconditional love, we are fulfilled and ever joyful in our Soul.

No longer do I judge. No longer do I want to be like him. No longer do I want to protect him. No longer do I want to explain myself to him. No longer do I choose to be separate from my Soul. I choose to be Loving of my God self. I am allowed to live an Anointed life in every way that my God Self chooses.

Lord you said, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. How shall this be understood. Simply Love within without. From my Heart to my Soul, to all of life. I choose Love.

Journey Onward Lord we are joyful and dare to be!

Remember that all mistakes are learning objects. Undo What Has Been undone.

Lead us not into temptation Lord and create us reliance on You alone.

All that is and was shall pass away in the Everday Lord, except that which is for our Benefit and Peace.

Lord I pray for ALL who call on You.  Foul creatures of judgement, who create Not Love, not redemption. Let all those who use judgement against others be judged and cast into the Lake of Fire, where no serpent can dwell.

Being of the tree and having my roots in the ground, I hug myself close to the Earth, closer and closer this way and the Earth bosoms her Beauty and Effectual Flow.

Lord let your will be done in my Heart and if ever I were to get out of the here and now, I pray to you to save me and be my escape orderly to return to my place of Safety and us through the Chosen of the Wright Brothers.

Journey Onward!

Rose luck Renewal my Life Energy.

Rose luck Renewal my Vibrations with the Sabbath safely in my Heart and Soul

Journey Onward Lord we are joyful and dare to be Powerful co-creators of the Unseen.

Lord, bless me Lord I am Heart made by Your Thought and Heart.

Rose luck Renewal my Heart’s Desire Vibrations.

Heart made by Your Desire Vibrations, my Heart’s Desire Vibrations, I am one with my Heart, I Heart my Life.

Journey Onward Lord, we are joyful and dare to be One, all of us One.

Our mildly divergent views of our World, introduce us as One.

Journey onward Lord we are One. Journey onward Lord, we are joy and dare to be one

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