Becket Adams and Washington Examiner try to validate conspiracy theorists

Remember when the World Health Organization concluded this year it is “very unlikely” the coronavirus escaped a research facility in Wuhan, China?

It appears now this assessment came at the direction of Chinese Communist Party apparatchiks (Good ol’ Becket Adams letting you know what a racist piece of shit they are. Couldn’t just attack the CCP where it’s valid, you also had to attack our Asian American citizens too, what a good little puppy.), according to the head of the WHO origins investigation team.

Peter Ben Embarek, who leads the WHO-China joint investigation, claims Chinese officials leaned hard on his researchers to drop the lab-leak hypothesis. (But the WHO didn’t drop the lab-leak theory, they very specifically included it in their report. Downplayed? Sure, but certainly not dropped entirely.)

“In the beginning, they didn’t want anything about the lab [in the report], because it was impossible, so there was no need to waste time on that,” he said in a documentary set to air on Danish television. “We insisted on including it because it was part of the whole issue about where the virus originated.”

Chinese and WHO officials debated roughly the entire mission whether mentions of the lab leak theory should even be included in the final report, Ben Embarek added. The WHO and its Chinese counterparts eventually struck a deal: The theory could be mentioned in the report “on the condition we didn’t recommend any specific studies to further that hypothesis.”

The WHO’s subsequent report states it is “very unlikely” the virus came from a facility in Wuhan, or any other facility in China for that matter. The report also recommends the matter be dropped with no further investigation.

Asked directly whether the Chinese required their counterparts to include the “very unlikely” language in the report, Ben Embarek told his Danish interviewers, “It was the category we chose to put it in at the end, yes.”

He continued, arguing that a lab leak scenario could include many things, not just a researcher allowing the virus to escape.

“A lab employee infected in the field while collecting samples in a bat cave — such a scenario belongs both as a lab leak hypothesis and as our first hypothesis of direct infection from bat to human. We’ve seen that hypothesis as a likely hypothesis,” he said.

To be clear, Ben Embarek added, it’s entirely possible the virus’s origins could have been “human error.” However, he added, China doesn’t allow for those sorts of things to be said out loud.

“It probably means there’s a human error behind such an event, and they’re not very happy to admit that,” he said. “The whole system focuses a lot on being infallible, and everything must be perfect,” he added. “Somebody could also wish to hide something. Who knows?”

Asked later by the Washington Post to clarify his remarks, Ben Embarek claims his comments were mistranslated.

“It is a wrong translation from a Danish article,” he said, adding no further comment. He declined to respond to the Washington Post’s follow-up requests for clarification.

WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic also maintains Ben Embarek’s remarks were mistranslated.

“There are no new elements nor [a] change of the position [that] all hypotheses are on the table, and WHO works with member states on the next step,” Jasarevic said.

For good measure, the spokesman also emphasized the interview occurred “months ago,” as if that has anything to do with what Ben Embarek alleges.

Now is a good time to remind everyone the WHO’s investigation in China was clearly a sham, even when it was underway. (Ah yes, now is the perfect time to remind the reader of something we have not yet substantiated and seem to be completely incapable of proving.)  

For starters, Beijing dragged its feet approving the WHO trip, (And yet the WHO pressed on anyway) repeatedly delaying the start date for researchers with no explanation. (But still couldn’t stop the investigation from occurring) A few WHO researchers also have strong ties to Chinese research projects. (We ran out of supporting “facts” so now we have to scare you into believing us) Also, let’s not overlook that the WHO’s investigative team was granted a mere two weeks to conduct its research. And that’s on top of the fact that the WHO team was tailed basically everywhere it went by a large contingent of Chinese officials, including both scientists and party bureaucrats. (So then the investigation wasn’t a sham? You’ve made a pretty good case for the idea that the WHO had to fight an uphill battle just to get the investigation done, something no sane person would say makes an investigation a sham.)

There’s a reason Ben Embarek himself said in February, “The politics was always in the room with us on the other side of the table.” (More proof the WHO had to fight tooth and nail to conduct their investigation, something not done for a sham investigation.)

So, yes, China reportedly told the WHO to say it was “very unlikely” the virus escaped a Chinese facility (you’ve demonstrated that China didn’t tell the WHO to say it was “Very unlikely” you’ve actually demonstrated that the CCP attempted very strongly to prevent it from being discussed at all), which the WHO agreed to do (what the WHO agreed to do was caveat the unlikely hood that the virus was intentionally released from the Wuhan lab, whilst still acknowledging that it’s not impossible. In fact, Peter Ben Embarek very specifically states, “A lab employee infected in the field while collecting samples in a bat cave – such a scenario belongs both as a lab-leak hypothesis and as our first hypothesis of direct infection from bat to human. We’ve seen that hypothesis as a likely hypothesis” something you’ve conveniently forgot to include). The press in the West then uncritically parroted the WHO’s assessment, claiming it was preposterous, insane even, to suggest the virus had escaped a lab.

That’s how the Chinese Communist Party seizes (Or, as Adams has clearly articulated, doesn’t) control of the supposedly free press of the Western world. How often does this sort of thing happen, only we never find out about it?

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